OYOBox, The Perfect Way To Display And Protect Your Eyewear

For many people, their eyewear collection, which can be worth thousands in total, is often found scattered from nightstand drawers to car compartments. The issue is not why would you have so many different pairs of glasses rather its how do you effectively and safely store them all.  You’re in luck since we here at Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing have already thought about this and carry many styles of the OYOBox! From prescription glasses to designer shades, lens-lovers know, a quality eyewear collection needs to be protected and stored safely when not in use.

OYOBox is a luxury case that holds eight frames at a time of any shape and size, makes it easy for you to both protect your eyewear and shop your collection daily. OYOBox is offered in over 10 different colors and is an eyewear collector’s must have item. The brand recently debuted a chic, compact version of its full sized counterpart, the OYOBox mini. It houses up to 4 pairs of glasses, perfect for smaller spaces and for those just building up their collection.

OYOBox is the creation of co-founders Luba Stark and Michael Kriss. Stark, the creative designer of this sister and brother team, was inspired to create OYOBox purely out of necessity. An enthusiast of designer eyewear, Luba found it frustrating not having a home for her glasses. That’s when it hit her, a ‘home for your eyewear’ is an absolute necessity for all eyewear lovers. OYOBox was founded on the principle of bringing ease to people’s relationship with their eyewear. In the past 5 year OYOBox has become the leading producer of designer eyewear boxes in the world.

As a premium accessory to eyewear, OYOBox has become synonymous with quality and high design. Available at all Neiman Marcus stores nationwide and at hundreds of fine optical boutiques and gift stores nationally and internationally.

At OYOBox we believe that your readers and sunglasses need their own home and our mission is to bring ease to all eyewear lovers. Stop in today and pick out your next OYOBox!

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