Getting Your Next Great Pair Of Glasses

Fit is always a concern when picking out glasses and ensuring you get a proper fit is very important. When trying on frames there are a few guidelines you can follow to help get a proper fit. According to studies by The Vision Council, most women are more interested in the way eyeglasses look, while most men are more interested in comfort and fit. But let’s face it. Even if a frame looks great, you aren’t going to wear it if it’s uncomfortable. And if your new eyeglasses are sitting in a drawer somewhere, you certainly aren’t getting your money’s worth. Lets take a look at what Liz Segre at has to say about getting a great fit.

This is where an optician can be very helpful. For example:

  • If a frame looks good, but it slides off your nose. Your optician can fix this during the final fitting, by adjusting the temple length or the way the temple tips wrap around your ears.
  • If the front is too wide and doesn’t fit your face. Your optician could order the frame in another size. If it doesn’t come in another size, you could be fitted with a different brand of frame that’s very similar. Also, some manufacturers have released petite collections with frames that fit smaller faces.
  • If the nose pads are uncomfortable. Often the optician can replace the nose pads with more comfortable ones or can find a similar style of frame with better pads.
  • If the frame has too steep of a bridge over your nose. Frame manufacturers have been releasing more styles lately with shallower bridges — sometimes called “Asian fit.” Your optician can help you identify the frames that will fit your nose best.

Durability is another factor that seems to appeal more to men than to women. But you really don’t want to buy a frame that falls apart after a few months.

Once upon a time, it was easy to tell the difference between a poorly made frame and a well-constructed one. But now even cheaply made frames may be so well finished that you may not recognize when a material is easy to scratch or bend out of shape, or when the hardware will give way long before it should.

Opticians are experts on frame durability, because they know which frames customers bring back for repairs, and which ones create few or no complaints. So be sure and ask for advice.

Picking out glasses can sometimes be overwhelming with all the choices that are out there but luckily here at Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing we have plenty of well trained opticians and stylists to help you find the perfect pair. Visit us today and find your next favorite pair of glasses.

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