Find Your New Look With Aviator Glasses

With styles changing on a regular basis it’s always important to be ahead of the curve and know what the latest hip thing to wear is. With a little help from Caroline Tell over at The New York Times we have some inside information about the new trending style that is the aviator.

Yes, we could be witnessing the demise of hipster eyewear. You know the kind. They’re black, brown or sometimes tortoise shell. They’re chunky, oversize and made of acetate. They’re part of an L train look that in the last five years has been worn by everyone from Hollywood’s A-list to the local CVS pharmacist.

But now, like giving up your favorite dive bar that has been invaded by tourists, it’s time to move on. Kendall Jenner, Tracee Ellis Ross, the blogger Chiara Ferragni and the model Bella Hadid already have. They are just a few tastemakers breathing new life into a classic style of eyeglasses: the aviator.

“Trendsetters now want metal frames again,” said Jordan Silver, an owner of the hip eyewear outfitter Silver Lining Opticians in New York. “They want gold. They want silver. They want flash. Because the chunky, oversize look is everywhere, it’s kind of out.”

Garrett Leight, the Los Angeles eyewear designer, attributes the resurgence of optical aviators to fashion’s current longing for everything Gucci. “When Alessandro Michele sent an oversize aviator onto the spring 2017 runway, everyone went crazy for it,” Mr. Leight said. “He definitely played a role in this style becoming a trend again.

“One of my style icons is Gloria Steinem, and she’s worn that look forever,” he said.

Neiman Marcus is seeing a 1970s renaissance from footwear to eyewear, with customers shopping for aviators by Tom Ford, Chloé and, of course, Gucci. “It’s what everyone wants to wear,” said Ken Downing, the fashion director. “There’s a grooviness to it. It harkens back to Bowie and Mick Jagger. And even though it’s oversize, it’s not a heavy frame. It sits well on the face and it’s flattering.”

It was a simple pair of Ray-Ban aviators that inspired the career of Christian Roth, an eyewear designer in Miami. Growing up in the 1970s in Hanover, Germany, Mr. Roth fantasized about owning a pair of Outdoorsman frames that were virtually impossible to find. His father somehow sourced the glasses and presented them to his son in what was truly a turning point. An eyewear designer now for almost 35 years, he is well known for his aviators. Over the last year, he has begun reworking his styles with updates like a bridgeless nose and an eyebrow bar. He also added yellow and beige tinted lenses.

“To have a little tint on your lens makes it look completely fresh,” Mr. Roth said.

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