5 Most Asked Questions When Purchasing Hearing Aids

Often there are a lot of questions when you are purchasing hearing aids. Covering all of them would be nearly impossible so, after talking with our Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist we’ve narrowed it down to the top five most frequently asked.

  1. How long will the batteries in the hearing aids last?

    The answer to this one is not as simple as it seems. A lot goes into this answer such as, what size is the battery, what type of Hearing aid batterieshearing aids are you purchasing, what activities and features will you be using. Although there are all these factors there are some good guidelines as to how long they will last. For the smaller sizes you can expect roughly 95 hours and for the most common sizes you generally get 145 hours. Now if that doesn’t sound like a long enough life for you there are now rechargeable options available for an array of hearing aids. With the rechargeable ones you get a full days use out of the batteries and then just simply recharge the unit at night while you sleep.

  1. Why do I need two hearing aids?

    Hearing AidsWhile this might seem like a simple question there are some important things to think about. The basic answer would be that you have hearing loss in both ears. Since we hear in stereo and hear in a omnidirectional way and use that sound to determine where sound is coming from and where objects are it is imperative to hear clearly through both ears. It also helps with auditory stimulation of the brain as well as aids in word recognition. Just like with eye glasses, you wouldn’t get glasses with only one lens.

  2. Why should I get better technology VS lower technology?

    Simply put, the better the technology the better the hearing aid. As the technology increases the ability of the unit increases Old Tech Vs New Techwith features like multi channel sound to help make the greatest amount of adjustments to make sound the clearest in every environment. They would also come with features such as Wind Noise Reduction, the ability to stream audio from a multitude of devices straight to the hearing aid, blue tooth syncing to your phone as well as your TV. And a multitude of other options.

  3. Why are hearing aids so expensive?

    Money SignWith all the new technology being applied to hearing aids and the micronization of the technology itself there is now massive amounts of research and development that goes into creating a hearing aid. This R&D is used to make devices that can provide all the services that make hearing amazing again and be small enough to function. When you purchase a hearing aid you have to consider it for what it really is, a micro computer. In addition to all the hours of R&D there’s also long laborious hours put in to build each hearing aid along with all of the time spent by a specialist to custom fit each unit to your specific needs.

  4. How long will hearing aids last?

    This is another question that has a lot of variables to answer it properly but there are some generalities to best answer this Old Vs New Hearing Aidsquestion. Things such as how much wax you produce, what your environment is like, how well you treat the hearing aids, and what type of use they get. In most cases hearing aids will last for about five years before needing to be replaced. That’s not to say that we haven’t seen them last for upwards of 7-10 years as well. The biggest issue with aging hearing aids is that since they are mini computers not only do parts for older models become hard to find but the technology becomes obsolete as well. And as new technology like that from Oticon becomes available you’ll want to upgrade to the newest and best just like upgrading your computer or television.

At Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ we have a multitude of the newest styles and top technology in stock so you can leave with custom programmed hearing aids the same day as your FREE comprehensive hearing screening. Call to schedule yours today at 772-286-4327.

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