Advanced Digital Technology For Hearing Aids

It’s no surprise that as technology expands in our daily use devices like our phones, cars, and TVs, that it would also expand in hearing aids as well. With the ability to micronize computer parts the available hearing aid features are growing in leaps and bounds. At Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ were staying at the forefront of these changes.

Hearing aids started with just the use of analog technology which didn’t do much more than just amplify the sound around you. This didn’t truly help with distinguishing between different sounds. Analog type hearing aids are still in use today and are the least expensive option. While there have been some improvements in how they work (such as making them slightly programmable) this technology is considered fairly obsolete now.

The more common approach to hearing aid technology now is turning to a digital model. With the availability to utilize these digital techniques more and more features have become available along with the quality of sound is increasing.

Here are some quick descriptions, from Healthy Hearing, of the advanced digital features you can now get:

Hearing Aid FeaturesChannels – The more channels you have the more levels of sound that can be adjusted.

Noise Reduction – Through a series of algorithms unwanted ambient noise can be reduced by the hearing aid thereby making only wanted noise more audible.

Telecol – Telecoil is a wireless way to pick up signals from compatible phones, TVs and in some cases audio at movie theaters and concerts. This is a great way to have the sound streamed directly into the hearing aid allowing you to hear everything with ease.

Directional Microphone Systems – These systems pick up audio from in front of the wearer and reduce sound coming from behind that way you can focus on the sounds you want to.

Impulse Noise Reduction – This is used to eliminate sudden loud noises that would interfere with your ability to hear normal conversations. A hearing aid with this feature analyzes sound as it is coming in and if there is a sudden spike in noise that is determined as unwanted it is reduced. Examples would be loud typing on a keyboard or dishes clanging together.

At Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ we offer a wide range of hearing aids with any of these digital technology features available. Call us at 772-286-4327 that’s 772-286-HEAR and schedule a time to get your FREE hearing screening by our Board Certified Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist and talk about what features might be right for you.

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