Clic Magnetic Glasses in Stuart, FL

Clic Magnetic Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Made To Your Prescription. Even Multifocals!

This user friendly eyeglass frame design needs no introduction to the person who needs easy on/off eyewear.  Clic magnetic frames originally made as only a reading frame, has now taken off to also offering sunglasses.  The magnetic design in the middle of the fame combined with comfortable contour behind neck design is a win win.

Used for easy to use readers on the go.. no need for cases, keeping track when they are taken off or breaking in your pocket.   Also now clic sunglasses, the easy on/off with no fumbling, scratching lenses or leaving behind.  Clic frames are sold with RX lenses however with our onsite lab we can easily change the RX to your preference, even Transitions. 

Clic CompactNOW! Available in a compact design.  Same user friendly break away design but with a compact-able neck retainer.  It cant get any better.  Comfort easy on off with easy travel size when not being used.


Perfect for lab techs, doctors and nurses, teachers, students, servers, pharmacists, builders, landscapers, geologists, engineers, mechanics, all computer users, bakers and cooks, photographers, pilots, fisherman, painters, sales associates, retailers and so many more.  Truly the easy to use Clic Magnetic eyewear helps keeping your eyewear close and in great condition.

Stop in to Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing and ask one of our highly trained associates to show you the frame options and colors available.

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