Costa Del Mar’s “Untangled Collection”, Sunglasses Made From Recycled Fishing Nets

In Florida we all know how tough the sun can be and when you reach for a pair of sunglasses it nice to be able to pick up a pair of sunglasses made right here in the state by Costa Del Mar. They have always been a big supporter of the local ecology and now with their new Untangled Collection they are putting their money where there mouth is.

In keeping with its commitment to protect the world’s oceans and waterways, today Costa launched a new limited edition of four sunglass styles, the frames made by recycling an otherwise harmful source of ocean pollution: discarded fishing nets. The “Untangled Collection” is made by joining forces with Bureo, a company working together with fishing communities to recycle discarded fishing nets into all kinds of quality products, and now transforming nylon pellets recycled from fishing nets into a collection of Costa’s premium sunglasses.

Available in late May, this collection will incorporate responsible materials, ‘designed with a complete end of life solution’. Customers will be able to ship in their sunglasses via PLUSFoam (which provided recyclable rubber for the nosepads and temple tips of the collection) to be recycled at the end of the product’s life. Additionally, the new collection includes several features to reduce possible waste from the packaging of the frames. All frame styles in the 2018 Limited Edition Untangled Collection will be offered exclusively with Costa’s premium polarized glass lenses, a case made from recycled water bottles and upcycled garments, 100% recycled paper packaging, and the product will not include any plastic lens stickers in an effort to make this collection as environmentally responsible as possible. All styles will be Rx-able in Trivex and glass.

“We have always looked to be as sustainable as possible in our operations at Costa, including our ongoing Kick Plastic initiative that encourages our communities to reduce their consumption of single-use plastic. We also know discarded fishing nets are a huge problem in our oceans, with an estimated 640,000 tons of netting being tossed into the sea a year,” said Holly Rush, CEO, Costa. “By partnering with Bureo, who is helping us turn discarded nets into premium frames combined with our superior lens technology, we have an innovative and unique opportunity to directly protect our watery world through our product itself.”

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