Costa’s New Mirrored Lenses Win Big

Even though it might be a little cold out today we still all need sunglasses in Florida, especially in the water community we live in here on the treasure coast. With Costa Del Mar being located right here in the state it makes them the obvious go to company for your sunglass needs. Couple that with their consistent winning of awards you know you’ll have a great product. Andrew Karp from 20/20 Magazine tells us about Costa Del Mar’s most recent win.

COSTA’s Sunrise Silver Mirror lens took home the title of Best of Show – Eyewear during the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) 2017 New Product Showcase Awards, held in Orlando, Fla., in July. The ICAST New Product Showcase Awards is an annual event featuring over 1,200 nominated products, with almost 15,000 registered attendees eligible to vote for their favorite innovations in tackle, gear, accessories and apparel in the global sportfishing world. Costa has won this attendee-determined title for various new sunglass styles and lens technologies over the last nine of 10 years.

The Sunrise Silver Mirror lens, ideal for encountering low light or changing light conditions, allows for 30 percent light transmission (versus the typical 10 to 12 percent) while still maintaining high polarization efficiency. Designed for dusk to dawn performance and especially effective during cloudy days, Sunrise Silver Mirror is scratch resistant and prescription ready. Additionally, the Costa 580 patented technology eliminates harsh yellow light and harmful blue light, while green, red and blue hues are enhanced.

“The Sunrise Silver Mirror lens is a game changer for sunrise, sunset and overcast days,” says John Sanchez, vice president of product development for Costa. “This lens is one of the most technically advanced lens innovations to hit the market that also features a cosmetic look that’s fantastic. Following years of development, the lens provides the ultimate in high transmission light needs with the most advanced enhanced polarized efficiency on the market. We are honored that the fishing and coastal community—our most important tribe—has helped us validate the lens to our portfolio as we continue to build the most comprehensive performance sunglass offering in the industry.”

At Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ we carry a large selection of Costa Del Mar along with multiple other brands to suit all your sunglass and eyeglass needs. Come in and talk to one of our well qualified opticians today.

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