The Dangers Of Buying Glasses Online

Everybody has seen the ads on TV and in your browser for buying your glasses on line. Sure there might be some advantages to it like having a larger selection of cheap frames to choose from but there are some dangers of buying your glasses on line. When purchasing glasses on line it can be seem easy to use the website features to virtually try on glasses to get an idea of what they will look like, however getting the best looking frame is only the beginning.

When you purchase glasses from a licensed optician you receive more than just a personal stylist to help you pick out the frames youOnline Eyeglasses want. With a well trained licensed optician you will get a proper fitting as well as good looking frame. You will also get custom measurements so that your prescription is fit properly into the frame you’ve chosen so that you can see the best. Your lifestyle and habits are discussed so that different lens options such as materials that the lenses are made from as well as other features and coatings can be presented to you based off of your needs. Along with all of this you get free custom adjustments for the life of the frame.

Online eyeglass orders can’t offer this level of customized service to give you the best pair of glasses possible. In addition to that online retailers have a different set of standards when it comes to making glasses. In many cases the measurements are incorrect, the prescription made wrong and the lenses do not meet safety requirements.  In fact in a recent study by the American Optometric Association it was found that nearly half (44.8%) of glasses ordered online had incorrect prescriptions or failed safety inspection.

If you want the best possible glasses using a licensed optician is clearly the best choice. At Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ in Stuart Florida there are four licensed opticians to help you with all your eyeglass needs and to ensure you get the perfect pair of glasses every time. Come by our office today and let us help you look and see your best.


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