Gear up for Summer with a Great Pair of Sunglasses

Just as we protect our skin,  High Performance Sunglasses act as sunscreen for your eyes. While most people wisely protect their skin from harmful rays, many leave their vision unguarded. Summer is the perfect time to make a habit of wearing sunglasses. They’ll protect you from dangerous rays, sharpen your field of vision and reduce eyestrain, allowing you to play your best in comfort.

Not sure what is the best style frame, color lens, polarized or non polarized?

Non-polarized lens boosts the contrast between shadows and highlights while polarized lenses cut glare from highly reflective surfaces.  Grass is not highly reflective so polarized lenses could actually reduce your ability to see undulations and other details. Polarized sun-wear is great when your driving, walking around, on the beach or for the boat.

Color options include gray for low reflection, green to brighten shadows, amber to cut reflected brightness, and purple to help whites and greens pop. If you are a golfer who enjoys playing during the different times of the day a pair of frames that the lenses can be easily changed would be the most user friendly for all types of conditions.

Now that you have a great performing lens, what frame options are available?  The answer is over 95% of sunglasses styles can hold the preferred lens of choice and are also Rx-able.  Wrap frame styles for peripheral coverage, aviators, rimless and full frames are all easily made for your optimal comfort. A few brands are Oakley, Serengeti, Bolle and more.

The best way to find what preferences you have in High Performance Sunglasses is to stop in at Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing in Stuart, FL. and test the different colors and frame styles for yourself.  Our highly trained staff can explain the positives of each style lens and frame to find you the most enjoyable sunglasses for your activities.

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