Hearing Aids, More Than Just Amplifying Sound

Hearing aids today aren’t just something that allows you hear, they are devices that help you connect to the real and virtual world through different methods of connectivity.

Through growth in technology hearing aids have come to sound better, but many do not know that they now offer the benefit of connectivity. With the world has entering an era of connectivity its no wonder that the hearing industry is working quickly to be at the forefront of it.

Consider these recent innovations in the hearing industry from Widex Brand Hearing Aids

Made-for-iPhone hearing aids that allow you to stream music and phone calls directly to your hearing aids

An intuitive hearing app that lets you design your own hearing by adjusting sound and customizing programs

A device that lets you hear your TV through your hearing aids, while your partner still hears the TV’s speakers

A tiny remote control that allows you to control your hearing aids from your pocket.

An ultra-compact device that lets you stream calls directly to your hearing aids from almost any phone

Hearing aid bluetooth

Staying connected in the real and virtual world

With all of these special features you might be inclined to think that it would detract from the overall functionality of the device itself but that is not the case. Connectivity features and accessories don’t take away from the hearing aid’s core function which is to help you hear well. In contrast, new technology has helped hearing aids to become even better at distinguishing speech in noisy environments.

At Schmidt’s optical and Hearing™ you’ll find a wide variety of hearing aids that offer this sort of connectivity in stock. As one of the only companies on the treasure coast to offer same day service for custom eyewear we are also one of the only companies to offer same day service on hearing instruments as well. Call today and schedule your FREE comprehensive hearing screening with our Board Certified Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist at 772-286-4327.

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