Are Hearing Aids Water Resistant?

Hearing aids should be able to be worn in all environments – even when it’s wet. That’s why hearing aids are water resistant. From the internal electrical parts to the outer shell, hearing aids are able to withstand daily use in the harshest environments.

Want to wear your hearing aids in the rain or in a humid climate? No problem. Hearing aids are protected from the elements. This super protection doesn’t affect the clear, natural sound of your hearing aids. In fact, proper protection makes them more reliable and less liable to malfunctions.

Hearing aids have the following features to protect against moisture and dust:

  • Tubes are made of specially developed rubber materials which are resistant to extreme environmental impacts such as sweat and moisture
  • A nano-coated metal grid in the wax guard protects the receiver against moisture and earwax
  • The contact pins are sealed with an O-ring and protected against moisture with silicone oil
  • The amplifier is sealed in 100% waterproof material to protect it against prolonged extreme environmental impacts and corrosion
  • All electrical contacts are made of precious metals and developed over many years to be resistant to extreme environmental impacts
  • The receiver coil is sealed in wax and 100% waterproof
  • The telecoil is molded in 100% waterproof material
  • The microphone grid and other selected parts are nano-coated to protect against moisture

Water resistant vs. Waterproof

These terms refer to the degree to which water is prevented from leaving or entering an object, material or substance. Waterproof can be generally described as the ability of an object, material or substance to be impenetrable or unaffected by water. Water resistant refers to the ability of an object, material or substance to resist but not entirely prevent the penetration of water. Hearing aids are designed for normal use, including in extreme weather conditions, with focus on very high sound quality and high reliability. They have not been tested for the purpose of immersing the hearing aid in water. For this reason, it is important that you take your hearing aids off when you swim or take a shower.

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