Hearing health tips for the new year

Hearing health is important, and for hearing aid users and everyone else who is out late to welcome in the new year, it is vital to take the right precautions.

Beware! Protect your hearing health. Fireworks are as loud as gunshots

A few good bangs are all part of the fun, but every exploding firework or banger can exceed 120 dB with ease – far above the safe level of 85 dB. Just a few minutes spent close to exploding fireworks could cause hearing loss, so be sure to stay a safe distance away.

Prepare your hearing aids for noise

Hearing aid users should adjust their program settings for noise reduction, or select a reduced level in their music setting. If their instruments don’t have this feature, a pair of noise-reducing earmuffs can help. They can also consider turning their hearing aids off entirely to protect their hearing health.

Consider wearing hearing protection

Experts agree that extended exposure to noise over 85 decibels is dangerous. Wear hearing protection if the display will last a while or if you will be close to the fireworks, or if you have any doubts at all. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to protect your ears. Foam earplugs are cheap, simple and easily available from a pharmacy. They can reduce the levels of noise by up to 35 decibels, but check the instructions on the packet.

Small ears need special protection

If it is too loud for you, then it’s definitely too loud for them. Children’s ears are more sensitive than adult ears and are even more susceptible to the dangers of loud noise. Hearing loss also has a more profound effect on children because it can affect their cognitive development. Get kid’s earplugs at your pharmacy, or buy ear defenders at a hardware store.

Check your hearing on New Year’s Day

If you experience tinnitus or feel your hearing has decreased after a fireworks display – or after any loud event – you may have been exposed to excessive noise. Your ears may need time to recover, so give them a break from any loud noises. If your symptoms persist, it’s very important you visit a hearing care professional.

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