How Are Lenses Made

Glasses have been helping people see since they were first invented, nearly 800 years ago. The process of lens making can seem very confusing and while it is highly technical we can remove some of the mystery around it.

Glasses are made in a laboratory and in most cases these lab are off site however at Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ we have on of the only full service labs on the Treasure Coast. The prescription eye glasses start off as lens blanks, which are generally made from a plastic disc that is about four inches wide and up to one and one-half inches thick. The blank lens has a slightly curved back surface and a curved front surface. The lab technician uses a lens blank that has the corresponding front curve to the required prescription. The blank then goes into a machine called a generator where it is ground to the required curve for the prescription. The thickness of the chosen blank lens is determined by the curve needed to fill a prescription and by the type of material the lens is made of. The grinding process requires great precision to ensure that the eye glasses are made to the exact prescription.

After the lenses are ground, the go through a fining and polishing process on another machine called a cylinder machine. After they are fined and polished the prescription is inspected in something called a lensometer. If they pass this inspection they are edged to fit the frame the patient chose. The only thing left after that is for the patient to pick them up and have them fitted to them.

Here’s a short video to show you the process to help clarify as well.

So all in all while its a precise and technical job there are only a few steps involved in the production of a prescription les. Here at Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ Stuart FL with our full service lab we provide one hour service in the fabrication of most prescription eye ware. No need to wait days or even weeks to get you new prescription filled. Come in and see our large facility at 2341 SE Federal HWY, Stuart, FL. 34994.

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