How Do Hearing Aids Work

If you read our last article “How Hearing Works” you learned how sound waves travel through the ear and transmitted to the brain. In this article we’ll go over the components of hearing aids and how they work for people who have lost the ability to hear normally.

All hearing aids have five major parts:Hearing aids

  1. Microphone – The microphone picks up the acoustic sound and converts it to an electronic signal sending it on the way to the microchip.
  2. Microchip – The micro chip determines the different signals and through proper programing passes the correct signal to the amplifier.
  3. Amplifier – The amplifier boosts the strength of those signals and the sound is further modified to give the best audio possible and reduce any unwanted noise before heading to the speaker.
  4. Speaker (Receiver) – The speaker converts the electronic signal back into acoustic sound and directs it into the inner ear where the brain then perceives is as a normal sound.
  5. Power Supply (Batteries) – The whole device is run from either a replaceable battery or some have a rechargeable system so you never need to change batteries.

Here’s a fun little video from Starkey that gives a visual explanation of how they work.

These four small features add up to one big device. At Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ we have a wide variety of hearing aids in stock with multiple levels of technology available. Call us today at 772-286-4327 to schedule you FREE comprehensive hearing screening by our Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist!



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