Medicare Will Cover Your Glasses

The biggest assumption is that after cataract surgery you will no longer need glasses. Usually that is not the case. Whether it is just a simple reading correction or the need for a mild distance correction along with reading, glasses of sort will still be necessary. So great you might think “Just what I need, another medical expense.” But, did you know that after cataract surgery Medicare will pay you back for your glasses. Here at Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing we make it easy for you to get reimbursed for your eyeglasses after cataract surgery. After you take advantage of our great specials we will handle all of the paper work and submit to Medicare on your behalf. While all plans are different as a general rule Medicare will cover one of our basic frames as well as lenses up to a lined tri-focal and UV protection. What could be better then saving twice!?Come to Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ in Stuart Florida and let one of out licensed opticians help you with your next pair of glasses and if you’ve had cataract surgery let us fill out the paperwork for your Medicare reimbursement.
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