Medrx Video Otoscope

When providing quality comprehensive hearing screenings, having the right equipment is paramount. That’s why at Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ we use the Medrx Video Otoscope. In order to test your hearing properly the general health of the ear must be checked first. To do that, a visual inspection of the external parts of the ear are checked followed by an otoscopic exam.

With the Medrx Video Otoscope our Board Certified Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist can get a remarkably clear view, which is particularly helpful in contrasting a clean ear canal and normal eardrum with an ear drum and canal that has excessive cerumen, foreign bodies, external otitis, PE Tube status, cholesteatoma, TM perforations or other abnormalities.

Otoscopic examAlong with getting great images that our specialist can see, the images are also presented on a large screen for you to view as well. Our experienced specialist will be bale to explain in detail what you are seeing on the screen and how it is important in relation to your hearing.  It can capture images if needed for review at a later time as well as having the ability to zoom in on points of interest and enhance the imagery as needed. It also has full integration with our screening software so all information can be compared easily and is also a great way to keep up with the overall health of your ears. This compact powerhouse of a tool is just another way we work to be at the for front of the health industry.

Since we at Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ care about your vision and hearing we make sure to keep updated with all the latest information and updated equipment. Doing so allows us to provide you with the best service possible. Call us today to schedule your FREE comprehensive hearing screening today! 772-286-4327 that’s 772-286-HEAR


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