New Year’s Resolutions and Hearing Loss

Almost half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions each January. But often, we set unrealistic goals and they’re forgotten within a few months. These statistics shouldn’t keep you from picking New Year’s resolutions that will stick. Get on the road to success by setting practical goals for a healthier lifestyle, which includes hearing health.This season, Schmidt’s Optical & Hearing wants you to try these four easy hearing loss resolutions. Together, we can make your hearing health a lasting priority.1. Schedule a hearing exam About 20 percent of Americans, 48 million, report some degree of hearing loss. Are you one of them? Untreated hearing loss is a serious problem that leads to depression and cognitive decline. If you think you have untreated hearing loss, make an appointment with your hearing health provider now.2. Stay patient Hearing aids require an adjustment period, during which your brain relearns how to process sound. Resolve to keep your hearing aids in, even if you get frustrated. Set a reminder on your phone to put in your hearing aids in the morning and take them out at bedtime.3. Tell people about your hearing loss Send a note to friends or share a personal story about your hearing loss on social media. Get the word out so your loved ones can support your journey to healthy hearing. Try to tell one new person about your hearing loss each month. Before you know it, you’ll be your biggest advocate.4. Meet others with hearing loss Attend hearing loss support meetings or start your own group. It’s important to stay informed on current hearing aid information and technology trends, and also interesting to see others’ perspectives on hearing loss.Make your hearing loss New Year’s resolutions a habit. Soon, they’ll become routine.If you have concerns about your hearing or would like more information on hearing loss, call Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™  at 772-286-4327 to schedule a free hearing evaluation with our Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist.
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