Porsche Design Glasses and Sunglasses Available At Schmidt’s

Everybody is familiar with the iconic car driven by such celebrities as Steve McQueen, James Dean, Steven Tyler, Patrick Dempsey, Jerry Seinfeld, Keanu Reeves and many others but, did you know that they have also been making iconic eyewear since 1978?

The singularity of the Porsche Design brand can be traced back to the character and biography of its founder Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. He spent much of his childhood in the Stuttgart design studio and workshops of his grandfather. In 1958 Ferry Porsche forms the Porsche sports car company out of his father’s design studios and joins the family enterprise as a designer. His first great challenge was to design what would become the Porsche 911. The designer’s instinct for technology and materials, and most of all his purist aesthetic become ever more refined.

The early 1970’s are a time of transition for the company. Porsche KG becomes a joint stock company under the name Porsche AG and the family withdraws from day-to-day operations. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche retains his seat on the Supervisory Board but the bylaws require him to relinquish his position as head designer. In 1972, driven by the need to create over the potential for profit, he founds Porsche Design in Stuttgart and shortly after came the eyewear.

At Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ we have all the latest and greatest Porsche models available to suit your personal style. Let one of our well trained opticians and technicians help you find your next perfect pair of Porsche eye glasses.

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