Reasons Not To Purchase Hearing Aids Online.

Before you purchase hearing aids online, here are some things you should know.

The Internet offers many advantages for consumers looking for information and products. Online purchasing is convenient and private, and in some cases may offer cost savings for individuals. However, we do not recommend purchasing hearing aids online for the following reasons:

  • hearing aid is a complex medical device, not a simple sound amplifier.
  • Hearing aids have digital technology that can be set by an licensed Hearing Specialist or Audiologist to meet your personal hearing needs.
  • Hearing aids bought online without a complete hearing test and other necessary hearing aid services may not meet your needs.
  • Setting hearing aids for your needs requires specific computer software that licensed Hearing Specialists and Audiologists may not have access to if the devices were bought online. For some online businesses, getting the hearing aid settings changed may only be possible by shipping the hearing aid back to the manufacturer, which means you will have to go without your hearing aid for a while.
  • To help with your adjustment to hearing aids, licensed Hearing Specialists and Audiologists generally provide office visits, reprogramming, counseling, and support when you purchase hearing aids from them. Hearing aids purchased online will generally not include these services.
  • Online hearing screens cannot tell you the cause of hearing loss—the cause may be something as minor as too much earwax or as serious as a brain tumor. Currently, online hearing screens can only alert you that your hearing is not normal and that you need further testing.

Success with hearing aids begins with a complete hearing test by an licensed Hearing Specialist or Audiologist.

If hearing aids are recommended, you will continue to work with your licensed Hearing Specialist or Audiologist to ensure that the hearing aid is meeting your needs and that you are happy with the sound quality and improvements in communication. Properly fitted devices, counseling, and support go a long way toward improving your listening and satisfaction with these complex digital devices. A bad experience with hearing aids can make you less likely to try again.

Face-to-face care from knowledgeable professionals is the key to improving your hearing and communication with your new hearing aids. Success with hearing aids involves more than the device. If you suspect that you have a hearing loss,  Call Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™  today at 772-286-4327 and schedule your FREE comprehensive hearing screening with our Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist


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