Signia introduces breakthrough hearing aid platform

Signia introduces breakthrough hearing aid platform that understands the complete soundscape and adjusts to the wearer’s movements.

• Acoustic-motion sensors enable a completely new sound processing technology. It measures more aspects of sound than existing hearing aids.  This helps deliver vastly improved hearing from any direction, in any situation – even when moving. • The new platform includes the new Pure 312 X (with optional T-Coil) and rechargeable Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids, plus a brand-new, all-in-one app for greater convenience.Hearing aid innovation leader Signia has launched Signia Xperience, a new platform that introduces the world’s first combination of advanced acoustic sensors with a built in motion sensor. Signia Xperience hearing aids provide a complete analysis of the wearer’s dynamic soundscape. This allows for automatic adjustments between sounds in front of and all around the wearer for a personalized listening experience.Hearing loss is as individual as a fingerprint for each person. Personal life circumstances are very individual, too, and so are the expectations and needs of those with hearing loss. Many hearing aid wearers have an active lifestyle. They are always on the go – yet, current hearing aids don’t keep up. Existing hearing aids are unable to adapt to diverse listening environments as the wearer moves around. The Signia Xperience platform, built upon YourSound technology, was developed to fill this crucial gap and respond to rapid changes in the wearer’s environment.

The main benefits of YourSound technology

With the new YourSound technology, Signia Xperience hearing aids can identify more variables from the environment than ever before. This ensures they know what is important at every moment. They also include a built-in motion sensor. This takes into consideration how the wearer’s movement affects their hearing in each situation. In addition, advanced new technology means the hearing aids no longer have to compromise about whether to focus on what is directly in front of the wearer or in the general surroundings. This enables the wearer to continuously benefit from the proper amount of frontal focus, while still being able to hear relevant speech from other directions, like when running in a park with friends or walking down a busy street.The three key features of YourSound technology are: • Acoustic-motion sensors for a complete analysis of each wearer’s dynamic soundscape. • Dynamic Soundscape Processing for natural sound and speech from any direction, in any situation – even when moving. • Own Voice Processing (OVP™) for a natural sounding own voice.YourSound technology is delivered by the powerful Signia Xperience chip. It includes 80% more transistors and seven times the memory of the previous Signia Nx chip, while being 60% smaller. As a result, the first two hearing aids on the platform, the Pure® 312 X and the Pure® Charge&Go X, are smaller yet more powerful than their predecessors.the Signia Xperience also introduces a new app. The Signia app combines three existing Signia apps into one unified environment to meet every user’s needs.If you think that you have a hearing loss, or if you would like to learn more about the new Signia products, call Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™  at 772-286-4327 to schedule a free hearing evaluation with our Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist.
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