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Specialty Eyewear

Golf Precision

Golf is a game where vision and precision are paramount. Golf specific lenses are engineered to give you the optical edge on the greens, the fairways, even the stray bunker or rough you may encounter.

Ask one of our highly associates for more information on all brands and lens technology available, including bifocal fit lenses with the golfer in mind.

Driving High Contrast Eyewear

The amber-colored transitional lens is particularly well suited for driving. Due to its enhancing colors and contrast, lightening and darkening for optimal light transmission in any driving condition. It’s also engineered to transmit more red, yellow and green colors, making it ideal for identifying stoplights. And thanks to its ability to relax your eye muscles it helps reduce stress and fatigue while driving.

Aviation Eyewear

Developed with military aviation in mind to safeguard a pilot’s most important asset – precision vision.
Whether you’re a commercial pilot or will help you make the most of your experience.

Shooting Eyewear

Shooting safety glasses can feature a clear lens, for indoor shooting, or a yellow and grey lens for outdoor shooting. The yellow and grey lenses are designed to cut glare and provide a comfortable view. With other lens colors available to suite each shooters specific wants and needs. Some frames come with interchangeable lenses, which is great if you want to save money and have the best lens for any condition. Ultimate in protection, lenses for shooting that meet the ANSI Z87.1 safety standard.

Ask one of our highly trained associates for more information on all shooting eyewear lens technology available and also the many different types of frame and lens combinations.


Polarized lenses shine for fishing and water sports. Choosing the best color can be daunting. Rules of thumb for best lens colors are dark brown is best for inshore fishing in bright sunlight while
lighter brown with rose are best for inshore fishing in dim light or under overcast conditions. Offshore anglers prefer gray lenses, which eliminate the blue color of the water and let fish truly pop.

Ask one of our highly trained associates for more information on all polarized lens technology and frame styles available.