The Importance Of A Well Trained Hearing Aid Specialist

People seem to wonder what’s the big deal about getting a hearing aid fit. Often it’s thought of as just putting a speaker in your ear and turning up the volume but it’s not that simple. As we’ve covered in the previous article of “How Hearing Aids Work” there’s a very specific and detailed process to bringing the world of sound back to you. In order to do this properly a well trained and experienced Hearing Aid Specialist is what you need.

AudiogramWhen you are first considering getting a hearing aid the first step is to visit our specialist and discus what concerns and hearing issues you are experiencing.  After that comes a proper hearing screening. At Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ we offer a FREE fully comprehensive hearing screening that is performed by our Board Certified Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist. The hearing screening is one of the most important parts of being fitted as this test produces what we call an audiogram. With the keen eye of our experienced specialist the audiogram can be deciphered from what would appear to be nothing more than a line graph into a chart of what you can and can’t hear.

After the audiogram has been reviewed our specialist will interpret the results with you so that you fully understand the findings. From there options of hearing aids devices would be discussed. The choices would be based on your hearing loss and what functions you would like to have in the hearing aid. With all of the options for wirelessly connecting devices there are plenty of options and with the help of our specialist you can explore every option and feel comfortable that you have made the best choice for your needs.

At Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ we carry a wide variety of hearing aids in stock so after picking which model is best for you ourHearing Aid Programing specialist will begin the custom programing to fit all of your environmental needs. While this might seem like an easy task programing takes years of training and experience to perfect this art. Through the use of proprietary software our hearing specialist will custom program your hearing device to suit your needs and environment allowing you to hear the world the way you want to.

After the delivery of your custom hearing aids we offer free batteries for the life of the unit as well as all follow up visits and any fine tuning to your programing are offered at no charge! Call us today to schedule your FREE hearing screening with our Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist at 772-286-4327.



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