What Does Prism do in Glasses

Frequently prism is prescribed by the doctor for glasses which always leads to the question of, “What Does Prism do in Glasses.” This can be a difficult thing to explain but thanks to The Neuro Visual Center of New York we have a great explanation.

Prism eyeglasses are different from regular eyeglasses. They employ prismatic lenses. Unlike traditional eyeglasses that improve vision for one or both eyes, these eyeglasses are not intended to affect eyesight based on near or long vision. Instead, these glasses are used to help a person who has trouble with eye alignment where both of the eyes work in tandem together.

Why People Need Prism Lenses

People who need to wear prism lenses often experience double or blurred vision because their eyes are looking at two different points instead of converging at the same point. This results in impaired vision and an unclear image. They suffer from binocular vision dysfunction. Addressing this requires proper diagnosis and treatment that typically involves using prism eyeglasses. Some people who wear prism lenses  suffer from vertical heterophoria, a common but often undiagnosed binocular vision dysfunction. Their symptoms typically abate after they start wearing the new prism lenses.

Eye Manipulation

Prism eyeglasses work by moving the images so that these images coming from the individual eyes are aligned in the same plane.  The brain then thinks the eyes are working in tandem and sees one unified image.

Prism eyeglasses get their name from the prism within the eyeglasses. The prism (shaped like a triangle) moves light going to each eye so that you see a clear unified image. This relieves eye strain as pressure on eye muscles is removed.

Using prism eyeglasses, you can overcome binocular vision dysfunction. Proper diagnosis can prevent headaches, dizziness and anxiety. For children suffering from this condition, having prism eyeglasses improves learning and reading immediately.

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