Why Have Two Pair Of Glasses?

Not everyone thinks about having two pairs of glasses but having a back up is always a good idea. No matter whether you’re crashing on your couch at home or hiking through the rainforest in Costa Rica, it’s not always easy to foresee trouble you might encounter. That’s why it always pays to have a backup pair of eyeglasses on hand.Here are a few scenarios in which those backups can come in handy:


Perhaps you crushed your glasses when you plopped on the sofa. Or maybe you shattered them while playing a game of pickup basketball.Since accidents can and will happen, it makes sense to buy a spare pair of glasses. That way, if something does happen, you can wear your extra glasses while you wait for a replacement pair.

Everyday activities

In some instances, backup glasses might not just be for emergencies. Instead, they might supplement your current eyewear.A few examples of these would be:
  • A pair of reading glasses  might be ideal for a wearer of multifocal lenses who’s doing up-close work like crafting model airplanes or assembling a scrapbook.
  • A pair of computer glasses  for the workplace could be more comfortable than your everyday glasses.
  • A pair of tough sports glasses  might be a good substitute for your regular glasses when you’re participating in sports like softball, basketball, volleyball or soccer.


You’re heading to Colorado for a ski trip or you’re jetting off to France for a romantic getaway. Aside from packing the standard clothes and toiletries, be sure to bring along backup glasses.You never know when your spectacles might fall off and break — you could be on a river cruise, a winery tour or some other adventure. Having a backup pair can prevent your vacation from being ruined.UnitedHealthcare Global, a provider of travel insurance, recommends that travelers take two pairs of glasses on trips: one to wear or store in a protective case in a carry-on bag and a second pair held in a protective case in a checked bag.Come to  Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ in Stuart Florida and get your back up pair of glasses today. With our great service and great prices you’ll see why we have been the Treasure Coasts go to optical for the last 40 years.Thanks to our friends over at All About Vision and author John Egan for the information in this article.
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