Why Using A Licensed Optician Is Important

With the variety of opticals that keep popping up and then closing you might find yourself wondering how has Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing remained successful for over 40 years. The answer is easy, we provide the best quality with the best price and the best service. We achieve this by not only having a well trained staff but by employing not only 1 but 4 Licensed Opticians. Why are licensed opticians important to our practice? That answer is easy too, education and training. Licensed opticians receive 6,240 hours of hands on training before being allowed take 2 national exams. After successfully passing those two exams they then need to pass the state exam for their license.Our opticians here know the different types of lenses, frames, and treatments, such as photochromic lenses or anti-reflective treatment, which are usually not common knowledge amongst patients. Our opticians are here to educate the patients on what options are available for them for their next pair of glasses. From the latest in lens technology such as progressive lenses or polarized and sports sunwear, our opticians will know and recommend a variety of choices to the patients to allow for the best fit possible.They will investigate to better understand the person’s visual needs, our opticians ask personalized questions to evaluate how and why the glasses will be used. Do you need glasses to see far away? Up Close? What kind of work do you do? What are your hobbies? Our opticians take the necessary steps to fit the patient with customized eyewear that helps answer these questions about their visual needs. These lifestyle questions illustrate the blueprint of what our opticians need to address with what the individual needs to be able to see, and how they are going to use their new glasses.Certain professions, such as wood-workers, need safety goggles to protect their eyes from dust and other hazards. Office workers need special types of progressive lenses for office work to avoid eye fatigue. Some electricians may require special bifocal segments above their eyes so they can see up to the ceiling. These are some examples of the versatility a pair of glasses can have for a patient. Our opticians investigate the person’s lifestyle and can better understand and fit the patient with the proper eyewear for their personal needs.With the guidance of the written prescription and the type of lifestyle a person has, from the numerous frames available to patients at the optical, the glasses need not only be stylish on the patient but also practical. The glasses need to be a comfortable fit and function to properly accommodate the person’s visual needs. Other responsibilities of our opticians are to inspect eyewear, fix and repair damage to frames or lenses, and properly dispense glasses to patients. Our opticians will do whatever is necessary to make sure the patient feels comfortable, confident and happy with their glasses.Come to Schmidt’s Optical and Hearing™ in Stuart Florida and let one of out licensed opticians help you with your next pair of glasses and discover why we’ve been able to make our patients happy for over 40 years.
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